What Does That Noise Mean?


Noises That Mean You Should Get Your Car Serviced

Your car is full of noises and while some are harmless, others can signify a major problem. Based on the sound, frequency, and when the noises occur, you can narrow down the problem. Here are a few common sounds, some harmless and others that need attention, that a car can make.

  • Thump, Thump This sound usually occurs at low speeds while you’re accelerating. This sound signifies a flat-spotted tire, especially if you have nylon-cord tires. The sound will be worse in colder weather and not as noticeable in hot weather. While it’s not a top priority, the thumping vibration can get annoying.

  • Screeching (Eeee) – If you hear a high pitched screech coming from inside the wheels when braking, you might not have to worry. If it’s rained recently, the problem is most likely the brakes. While the sound is annoying, your brakes work just fine. New brake pads is the most likely fix.

  • Clunk – A clunk coming from the front end of your car isn’t a good sign. It means the ball joint connecting the suspension arm to the upright’s metal-to-metal contact is wearing out. Fix the problem as soon as possible and try to avoid bumps, curbs, and potholes. You’ll likely have to replace the ball joint.

If you are having any of these problems, our service department is happy to help you at any time! Come in to Morristown Ford in Morristown, TN to have our experts check our your vehicle, today!