Enter a photo of you with your Ford diesel vehicle on our Facebook page!

To enter, post a photo of the participant and a Ford diesel vehicle on the Morristown Ford Facebook page

Morristown Ford Diesel Photo Contest

  • Valid at Morristown Ford only
  • Prize must be claimed at Morristown Ford dealership
  • Contest runs from 04/18/16 to 11:59pm on 05/02/16
  • One participant will be selected at random to receive the prize
  • One entry per person
  • Prize includes one Diesel Performance Diagnostic Analysis including:
    • Perform visual engine and chassis inspection with emphasis on engine performance
    • Sample fuel quality, inspect for water and correct cetane rating
    • Inspect oil for contaminants (fuel or coolant), proper level, and for correct viscosity
    • Perform injector electrical self-test
    • Perform power balance test
    • Inspect for intake restrctions or leaks
    • Inspect EGR system for proper operation or leaks
    • Inspect for exhaust restriction and measure backpressure
    • Test fuel system, verifying flow (volume), pressure, and the absence of aeration or leaks
    • Test low idle stability (ICP pressure)
    • Injection pressure regulator test
    • Turbocharger boost test, to include physical inspection and computerized boost test
    • Crankcase pressure test
    • Oil aeration test
    • Combustible gas test

See dealer for complete details