Ford SmartGauge Hybrid Technology


Technology Spotlight: Ford SmartGauge Hybrid Technology


Most hybrid drivers chose their car with the intention of saving fuel. But at times, drivers become frustrated when they feel like they’re not getting the promised mileage out of their hybrid. Ford cares about fuel efficiency just as much as their drivers do and, seeing this problem, decided to seek out a solution.


Ford first introduced this technology in the Ford Fusion. The new 2017 Ford Fusion includes all the advantages of the SmartGauge and Hybrid technology listed below! 


The Ford SmartGauge is a new piece of hybrid technology developed specifically for Ford that will change the way hybrid owners drive. The SmartGauge is a colorful, LED instrument panel that provides the driver with the data they need to make better driving decisions. The compelling display provides real-time feedback. For instance, as the driver reaches better fuel economy, a cluster of green leaves grows to encourage this.


Ford introduced the SmartGauge with the hope of influencing driving behavior. The more educated the driver can be in how his or her hybrid works best, the more proper care the hybrid will receive. Ideally, the driver will become more informed and encouraged by knowing exactly how efficiently his or her hybrid is functioning. By providing the driver with this unique, real-time visual and audio input, Ford has found a new way to empower the customers not only behind the wheel, but behind the scenes.