When you are looking for your next new car, it’s all about deciding what is most important to you.

One of the biggest reasons to buy new is the technology you’ll get to enjoy. Do you just listen to AM talk radio or do you regularly use navigation, music streaming and the like? This will help you decide whether to opt for the top-level technology package or not.
Performance and Efficiency
For the vast majority of new car buyers, efficiency is going to be more important than performance. So, pay attention to the EPA-estimated MPG numbers as you shop. But, many people don’t realize how much more fun a performance-edge can add to their driving experience. Even if you like saving at the gas station, test-drive a vehicle with a bigger engine or sport suspension.
Resale Value
Is resale value important to you? There are a lot of firms like Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book that keep track of the vehicles that maintain the highest resale value. If so, do your research, and do it before you head to the showroom!
While there may be a perfect vehicle for you, there are probably lots of vehicles that you will like and lots that you won’t. Just keep your priorities in mind and enjoy the experience!